• Dine-In Menus

    🔸 First thing new customer is going to hold before fork and knife is your Menu.

    🔸 Upload the image of your Menu and we will print it out on premium color copy cover that combines soft touch and vivid colors (if needed).
    🔸 Durability of your menu will be off the chart ! If you are in need for our design, visit "Custom Orders" tab.

  • Coasters

    🔸 Upgrade and brand your home bar or business with custom coasters that will help absorbing spills, moisture and eminently protect the table surface.

    - Standard or circular shape

    - Upload your image or have us design it for your business (price varies)

    - Brand with every sip

  • Table Tents

    🔸 Think of it as a mini billboard with variety of applications. Promote your featuring products, services and inform customers about your website thorough QR code.

    🔸 Table tents can be used as trade shows material or as mini wayfinding signage at reception areas. Double-sided feature allows for 360-degree information exposure.